Cistanche tubulosa
"管花肉苁蓉"又名南疆大芸、红柳大芸、是贵重而罕见的寄生植物。具有补肾阳,益精血,润肠通便等功效,有"沙漠人参" 之美誉。
"Cistanche tubulosa", also named southern Sinkiang herba cistanches and branchy tamarisk herba cistanches, is a precious and rare parasitic plant with the efficacy of tonifying kidney-yang, supplementing essence and blood and relaxing the bowels by moisturizing the intestine, thus deserving the good reputation of "Desert Ginseng".
Cistanche has been used in China with a long history of a thousand years, which was documented in the oldest materia medica book, "Shennong's classic of materia medica".
"Cistanche tubulosa" is commonly used as folk food, and it has been authoritatively described in the ancient medical classics through the ages.
"Cistanche", with sweet flavor and slightly warm property, is in charge of general debility, replenishing the middle-energizer, eliminating chills and fever pain in penis, nourishing five-zang organs, tonifying essence and blood, improving fertility and healing gynecological diseases, which can make people healthier if applied for a long term.
It is recorded by "Shennong's classic of materia medica" that this medicine is claimed Cistanche because it has the effects of nourishing but with less severe effects". Actions and indications: infertility due to impotence of male or infertility for menopause of female, five-zang organs' nourishment, seminal emission for male and pubic pain for female.
--"Compendium of Materia Medica" by Li Shizhen.