Physician biography

Pang Qingzhi
Ⅰ Physician biography
Pang Qingzhi, male, from XiHua county, HeNan province, was born from 1927 and died in 2006. He, as a professor and chief physician, guided the second national veteran physicians related to inheriting the academic experience of traditional Chinese medicine, and had been engaged in teaching study and clinical medical treatment on gynecology of traditional Chinese medicine for more than fifty years. Based on inheriting ancestors' experience, researching and studying on QiHuang, accepting other experts as many as and absorbing their advantages, he got a harvest of both academic thoughts and clinical experience .
Mr Pang had ever compiled three blocks of Gynecology of TCM, one national block of Gynecology of TCM and published dozens of theses.
Mr Pang had ever worked as director of the gynecology of traditional Chinese medicine researching office, HeNan University of TCM, member of the gynecological branch from National TCM Association, head member of HeNan Branch Gynecology Committee of National TCM Association, editor of HeNan TCM Journal, and so on.
Successors: Zhang Dawei ; Pang Yuqin.
Ⅱ Academic characteristics
Mr Pang was better on curing gynecological diseases, especially taking the liver, spleen and kidney seriously. On treatment clinically, he paid attention to the kidney for the youth, the liver and spleen for the adults, the spleen and kidney for the old. He had a preference for the therapy of discharging the liver and regulating qi, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis . According to the thoughts of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, regulating Qi and resolving lump decoction that he created was used to cure mammary lump by regulating the flow of qi, dredging collaterals, promoting blood circulation and resolving lump. Removing Stasis and Hemostasis Decoction that he made by himself according to the principle of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis was aimed to cure metrorrhagia incessantly, postpartum lochiorrhea, and repeated hemorrhage after induced abortion , clinically , eliminating static blood, ensuring the meridian tropism of fresh blood. It had a remarkable and consolidated curative effect on hemostasis.
Mr Pang was good at hyperemesis gravidarum, contending the key pathology of hyperemesis gravidarum was the failure of stomach qi to descend and chong—qi counterflow. Clinically, he often used ruddle as sovereign drug to cure hyperemesis with significant effectiveness.
Tranlated by Wu Fang