The Biography of Medical Scientist
Pang Qingzhi
Ⅰ The Biography of Medical Scientist
Pang Qingzhi ,from XiHua in Henan ,was born in 1927 and died in 2006. Professor Pang was chief physician and successor tutor of academic experience of the second batch Tradition Chinese Medicine(TCM) specialists in China . He comes from a long line of TCM and has engaged in teaching study and clinical medicine of TCM gynecology for more than fifty years. He inherited ancestral techniques, researched and studied QiHuang, gathered knowledge from around the world, learned wildly from others' strong points and had rich learning and experience.
Professor Pang had ever compiled three edition provincial textbook of TCM gynecology and one edition national textbook of TCM gynecology. Besides, he had published ten more theses.
During his life, he shouldered the head of the Teaching and Reaserch Section of gynecology in China Henan University of TCM, the committee member of the gynecology branch of China Association for TCM, and he was also the chairman of the Gynecology Academic Editional Board of the Henan Branch of China Association for TCM and a member of editorial board of Journal of Henan TCM.

Ⅱ Academic Characteristic
Professor Pang was good at gynecology disease and especially emphasized liver, spleen, kidney. In his medical administration of clinical syndrome, he payed attention to kidney for the youth, liver and spleen for the mid―aged , to spleen and kidney for the elderly. He liked to take the method of treatment which was soothing the liver and regulating the flow of qi and activating blood and resolving stasis. According to the theory of activating blood and resolving stasis, he invented regulating the flow of qi and removing the stasis decoction which can treat intramammary nodules and regulate the flow of qi and passage meridians and activating blood and remove the stasis. According to the principle of activating blood and removing stasis, his self―regulating removing the stasis and ceasing blood decoction can treat uterine bleeding and postpartum persistent flow of lochia and haemophilia after post―baortion the clinical application of the decoction removes the static blood and makes the new blood back to meridian , the effects of hemostasiaing is significant and consolidated .
Professor Pang did well in pernicious vomiting and thought that the major pathology of pernicious vomiting was undesending of stomach qi and thoroughfare vessel qi ascending counterflow. When he treated severe pernicious vomiting, he was always to choosing Daizheshi as sovereign Chinese medicine and acquired significant effect in his clinical differentiation.

Translated by Zhai Qiongqiong